Web Design

AMZ Carpentry

Task overview

Develop a website for a local carpentry business that promotes their brand and services; and should showcases their work. It should be easy to navigate and understand and be visually appealing.

The site’s main purpose is to create awareness of the business and their work; while the increase in sales is not as important because at this point the company has consistent and ongoing work.



I created the website using Weebly and taught myself how to use the software. The website is yet to go live as the domain name still needs to be purchased, however the client is happy with the site and does plan to use it.


View some shots of the website

AMZ Web 1



AMZ Web 2



AMZ Web 3



AMZ Web 4



Task overview

Create a website to promote my professional career, online portfolio and blog to potential employers and grow my online presence. It should portray my skills, professional brand, experience and link to my social media accounts. It should be easy to understand and navigate.



I created my website using WordPress and taught myself how to use the software. I am happy with the result and I feel confident in showing it to potential employers and I believe it efficiently presents the information I would like to share with them in a creative and appealing way.

My website is purely for employment and online presence purposes meaning followers and views aren’t of great importance.


  • Nine followers
  • 58 site visits
  • Visits from people from Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Vietnam, United States, France, Czech Republic, China, Spain, India, Chile and Poland.