Strategic Communications Plan & Writing

Task overview

Create a strategic communications plan accompanied by a media release, fact sheet and media target document for real life client the Australian Drug Foundation’s ‘Good Sports’ program. This was a group assignment for the Strategic Communication and Writing unit.

The client brief was to create a communication plan to communicate the dangers of using ice to regional and rural Victorian football players.


My role

As a group we planned, researched, drafted and edited the strategic communication plan. Everyone had an influence on each section of the plan. With the referencing, I went the extra mile and volunteered to properly reference any research using the appropriate style for the entire plan.

Due to time constraints we decided as a group to assign one of the tactical components that accompany the plan to each person. My tactical component was the media target document.



Overall score

Overall Score




Overall Score         * 36/40 points



Feedback from a representative of the Australian Drug Foundation

Our communications plan and writing was the chosen as the best of the cohort and presented to a representative of the Australian Drug Foundation for feedback

View the Feedback from Australian Drug Foundation PDF


View the Strategic Communications Plan and Writing for the ADF Good Sports program PDF