Public Relations Campaign Proposal

Task overview

Prepare a public relations campaign proposal for a chosen client as part of the Public Relations Campaigns and Practice unit. The campaign proposal includes an executive summary, situation analysis, goals and objectives, research, target publics, strategy and tactics, Gantt Chart, budget and an evaluation.

Our group chose Geelong Animal Rescue as our client.


My role

As a group we combined our individual research and agreed on what would be included in each section. Due to time constraints each group member was responsible for writing up the information the group had agreed on in the sections they were assigned.

I worked primarily on the research and target public sections.



Overall score

Overall Score HD
80 or more
C – D
60 or more
50 or more
0 or more
Score and Feedback
Overall Score  

High Distinction
80% – 100%


Credit 60% – 69%

Distinction 70% – 79%


Pass 50% – 59%


Fail 0% – 49%

67.35 points


View the Geelong Animal Rescue Campaign Proposal PDF