Promotional Proposals & Work

Task overview

Brainstorm and summarise potential promotional tactics for Melbourne beauty brand MOR and their pop-up store at Avenue K Mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company was struggling to attract attention and interest in their pop-up store and products. Tactics were needed to catch attention, engage potential customers and increase sales.


My role

It was a group project with myself and two other Deakin students under the supervision of Go International Group, but we all pitched in with brainstorming, creating the promotional pitch presentation and engaging in promotional work at the pop-up store.

Go International Group was responsible for pitching our ideas and gathering any equipment and supplies we needed.



Some of our tactics were implemented by MOR at their pop-up store including pre-mixed music with our voice overs promoting the product playing in the background, roaming Australian promoters and a gift-wrapping station.