Photo & Video Editing

Photo Editing

AMZ Carpentry

Task overview

Edit photos taken of AMZ Carpentry in action to post on website and social media using Adobe Photoshop. Edit them to look more professional and appealing or to create new content by adding backgrounds, texts and including multiple images into one image for advertising.


Edited photos are approved by the owner of the business and used for both the website and Facebook page to promote the work and services of AMZ Carpentry.

Example of image created using Adobe Photoshop

deck ad 1













Video Editing

Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office

Task overview

Using iMovie to put together and edit the footage of the Victorian Government Solicitor’s first internal fortnightly update video. It involved cutting shots, editing sound and inserting transitions and headings.


My role

I completed all the editing myself under supervision.



An email was sent out and the video was placed on the VGSO intranet for all employees to see. My supervisor was impressed with my work and I received compliments on my work from employees around the office.


Screenshot of video thumbnail

VGSO Video Screenshot