7 social media content ideas for small carpentry, building and construction businesses

Looking for content ideas that go beyond just before and after shots of your projects?

You aren’t the only one.

Posting before and after shots of projects is important, but audiences quickly become bored with repetitive self-promotion, and competitions and giveaways are not practical.

Here are some social media content ideas to attract attention and engage audiences and create a brand image for small carpentry, building and construction businesses.


7 social media content ideas for small carpentry, building and construction businesses

1. Behind the scenes photos and videos of new employees, new tools and what its like on a job site with your crew give a real personality and perspective to your company that people can connect with.

2. If you ever come across work of other trades or companies that may not be up to standard or the job they did is just plain terrible, take a photo and share it as a humorous post. The intention isn’t to name and shame, but to catch the attention of your audience, perhaps make them laugh and to showcase your company’s skills, knowledge and quality compared to those within the picture.

3. Share relevant information to your industry, such as news articles, industry trends and issues that might be of interest.

4. Share content from other industry influencers such as hardware and tool suppliers. Perhaps they have a new product you want to invest in or there is an expo or event coming up that might be of interest to you or your audience.

5. Using trending topics such as humour or ‘memes’ that have gone viral and relate it to your company or industry. For example, the Game of Thrones “winter is coming” slogan could be rearranged to “summer is coming” and be used to promote the rise in outdoor entertainment and deck projects.

6. Create a blog section on your website where you can share your thoughts, experiences and expertise related to your industry. Share these blog posts to your social media.

7. If you have the funds to purchase the equipment and skills to edit you could try time lapse videos or drone footage of projects instead of just the usual before and after shots.

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